Software Developer

Role Overview

As a Software Developer at StratIS, you’ll work with a team of full stack developers and embedded engineers to build the next generation of smart building technology. Our team members are passionate, multifaceted individuals who bring what they’ve learned through philosophy majors, years at Google, or careers building payment systems to improve our products. Software Developers work in small teams or individually to understand what our customers need and build solutions that integrate software and hardware. Each team member becomes a “linchpin” in their area, contributing as both a leader and a team player to drive the product forward.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop cross platform software products for use on web or mobile.
  • Innovate constantly on existing and cutting edge technology to build new solutions.
  • Design new features by collaborating with team members across functions.
  • Work effectively in an Agile environment.
  • Regression testing, full technical support, and data migrations (Python and SQL).


  • Must be a genuine team player.
  • Experienced with software development professionally or individually.
  • Proficient with Javascript and at least one modern framework/library (e.g., React, Angular).
  • Comfortable with or able to learn Python.
  • Quick to learn new, complex systems and technologies.
  • Excited to be a linchpin for this fast growing segment of our business.

Note: Applicants who provide portfolios or Github links are 3x more likely to receive interviews.

About StratIS

StratIS is an award winning wireless access, energy, and automation management and control platform for multifamily and campus communities. The StratIS system is over the air upgradeable, updateable, and infinitely expandable with a catalog of 1300+ Fortune 500 products. Since 2015, StratIS has been installed in 100,000+ units around the country and is growing fast.


  • Competitive salary.
  • Health and dental plan.
  • Flexible schedules, work from home policy, and vacation.
  • Sponsorship for conferences and educational events.
  • Casual work atmosphere with hammocks, snacks, and community events.

To apply, email your resume to