Site Reliability Engineer

Role Overview

The Site Reliability Engineer leads company initiatives around automation, security, optimization, and maintenance for StratIS computing environments and connected devices. The role will work in close collaboration with our software engineering team and, in particular, with our lead architect and server specialist. Initial projects will focus on establishing automated testing and continuous integration for our product ecosystem; future priorities will be outlined by the software operations engineer in tandem with engineering and product leads as well as the CTO. This is a full-time position from our East Falls office.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and implement an automated testing and continuous integration system for a connected-device ecosystem.
  • Innovate constantly on existing and cutting-edge technology to build new solutions.
  • Lead maintenance and optimization efforts for a suite of products with a rapidly growing base.
  • Work effectively in an Agile environment.
  • Build server-side components to product features as needed.
  • Collaborate with CTO and engineering team to define Dev Ops roadmap.


  • Ability to make a strong decision when faced with competing priorities and limited information.
  • Programming experience with Python, C, or JavaScript (preferred) or comparable.
  • Knowledge of and interest in implementing continuous integration tools, systems, monitoring
    processes, etc.
  • Understanding of relational databases (MySQL).
  • Experience with configuration and troubleshooting of Linux and NGiNX.
  • Ability to diagnose root causes and find sources of instability within distributed systems.
  • Deep understanding of networking concepts (e.g., DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP).
  • AWS or Google Cloud hosting experience is a plus.

About StratIS

StratIS is an award-winning wireless access, energy, and automation management and control platform for multifamily and campus communities. The StratIS system is over-the-air upgradeable, update-able, and infinitely expandable with a catalog of 1300+ Fortune 500 products. Since 2015, StratIS has been installed in 115,000+ units around the country and is growing fast. StratIS is a 2016 Stellar Startups finalist and the only Philadelphia-based company to be listed on this year’s Entrepreneur 360 list. At StratIS, we focus on a triple-bottom-line, prioritizing revenue growth as well as social end environmental impact.


  • Competitive salary.
  • Health and dental plan.
  • Flexible schedules, work-from-home policy, and vacation.
  • Sponsorship for conferences and educational events.
  • Casual work atmosphere with hammocks, snacks, and community events.
  • Opportunity to see your contributions impact lives every day.

To apply, email your resume to