Lead Software Developer

Role Overview

As a Lead Software Developer at StratIS, you’ll work with a team of full-stack developers and embedded engineers to build the next generation of smart building technology. Our team members are passionate, multifaceted individuals who bring what they’ve learned through philosophy majors, years at Google, or careers building payment systems to improve our products.

A Lead Software Developer understands technology and user mentality and has a track record of shipping elegant and stable software that solves real customer problems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop cross-platform software products for use on web and mobile;
  • Design seamless user experiences to control home hardware like locks and thermostats;
  • Innovate constantly on existing and cutting-edge technology to build new solutions;
  • Lead and mentor team members in architecture, implementation, and launch of new features;
  • Demonstrate leadership in an Agile environment.


  • Background of leadership either by appointment or by action;
  • Experienced with software development professionally and individually;
  • Proficient with JavaScript and at least one modern framework/library (e.g., React, Backbone);
  • Experience with other programming languages such as Python, C, or Ruby;
  • Quick to learn new, complex systems and technologies;
  • Excited to impact real people every day through your work.

Note: Applicants who provide portfolios or Github links are 3x more likely to receive interviews.

About StratIS

StratIS, named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Companies in America,” builds smart apartments and smart buildings for smart cities. As the only system of its kind built for the complexities of multifamily/campus communities, StratIS leads the global movement for smart cities in the commercial residential sector. Since initial rollout 18 months ago, StratIS has been installed in 150,000 units across 45 states.

StratIS headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA.


  • Unlimited headroom in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Health and dental plan
  • Flexible schedules, work-from-home policy, and vacation
  • Sponsorship for conferences and educational events
  • Casual work atmosphere with hammocks, snacks, and community events
  • Opportunity to see your contributions impact lives every day

To apply, email your resume to jobs@stratisems.com.