Felicite Moorman, CEO

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Felicite Moorman is an award winning entrepreneur, attorney, and mentor with over 25 years of experience founding, running, and exiting companies. She has earned an international reputation as a go-to wireless industry expert, developing pioneering strategic partnerships and unprecedented technology strategies and initiatives for the Internet of Things. She leads StratIS and provides wireless energy, access, and automation for multifamily and campus communities.

Prior to StratIS, Moorman launched the Emerging Technologies Division for GE’s Consumer and Home Electronics brand. Moorman quickly established her reputation in technology, engaging eight Fortune 500 companies in less than 18 months, entering new vertical channels, and creating and beginning execution on her strategic plan to dominate the Internet of Things lighting peripherals market. Today the GE lighting line is a part of nearly every home automation and security platform offered in the United States. Moorman has participated in every national home automation rollout since 2010.


Ryan Buchert, CTO

rsb Ryan Buchert, entrepreneur, technologist, and mentor, has over 25 years of technology experience and holds numerous patents. He has an international reputation as the wireless industry expert for innovation in multi-protocol hardware applications, including Z-Wave, ZigBee, BTLE, and WiFi.

Buchert developed innovations for the Internet of Things before the IoT was a thing. Embracing the idea that wireless integration could be dramatically simplified, Buchert focused his innovative entrepreneurial efforts on simplifying installation and enhancing user experience. His innovations greatly increased the sophistication and intelligence inside of the tools and devices themselves.

As a testament to his efforts, Buchert developed the methodologies and led the technology teams behind the unprecedented and unduplicated 65,000 module installation at The Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the largest wireless deployment in the world. From that experience, Buchert and his teams have developed the most pioneering and innovative methodologies and technologies for the wireless automation industry known.