The Smart start for Smart Cities 125,000 MultiFamily units installed


Smart Cities

Smart Cities are urban areas that integrate intelligent, connected, solutions and technologies, creating the supporting foundation for communities, all of which overlap and interconnect. Click the circle to learn more.


StratIS provides a comprehensive access management system that eliminates the need for costly, complex, and hard to maintain industry alternatives. Click the circle to learn more.


StratIS EMS is an award-winning wireless energy management and control system with a two year return on investment. Click the circle to learn more.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is at the heart of smart buildings and smart cities. Click the circle to find out more.

StratIS Is Currently Operating In More Than 125,000+ MultiFamily Units

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StratIS is home to a phenomenally dedicated team. We are passionate about our work and seek to create unprecedented solutions based on each project’s unique needs. Our team can help you estimate potential energy savings, as well as show you cost savings. We can help you price out a solution and give you a quote for your final decision. To get started or to learn more about StratIS EMS and how you can transform your existing or new building into a bright green smart building, contact us today!