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StratIS was built from the ground up, specifically to answer the complex challenges of wireless access, energy, and automation for multifamily and campus communities. With intensive focus on a simplified installation methodology, exceptional reliability and device life-cycle management, StratIS provides access to advanced management capabilities previously cost prohibitive to all but the largest budgets. Building portfolio managers worldwide come to StratIS to bring their ideas to fruition, while meeting their target returns on investment and energy savings mandates.

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    StratIS enables 20%+ reduction in energy consumption before demand response capabilities.

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    Our pioneering methodologies of installation and integration mean 50% faster deployment.

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    We are passionate about wireless technology, green business practices and smart building infrastructure. Utilizing open standards, StratIS places the power to save, grow and customize in your hands.


Where Is StratIS?

StratIS Gives You Control


Access Management

StratIS provides a comprehensive access management system that eliminates the need for costly, complex, and hard to maintain industry alternatives. Click the circle to learn more.

Energy Management Plus

StratIS EMS is an award-winning wireless energy management and control system with a two year return on investment. Click the circle to learn more.

Aging in Place

Click the circle to learn how combining any devices in the StratIS Ecosystem and expanding on that system with customized health and quality of life use cases creates an advanced

Smart Cities

StratIS is the Strategic Implementation and Support of Wireless Cloud Software Service Platforms for Internet of Things devices. Click the circle to learn how we help companies worldwide bring their IoT dreams to fruition.

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Felicite Moorman, Esq.
Felicite Moorman is an indomitable leader. She solves daunting business problems with innovative and bold technological solutions.
Ryan Buchert
Ryan pioneers new inventions in the Internet of Things. He is co-founder of BuLogics, Zonoff, and StratIS. He crafts elegant technological solutions for what you need.

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StratIS is home to a phenomenally dedicated team. We are passionate about our work and seek to create unprecedented solutions based on each project’s unique needs. Our team can help you estimate potential energy savings, as well as show you cost savings. We can help you price out a solution and give you a quote for your final decision. To get started or to learn more about StratIS EMS and how you can transform your existing or new building into a bright green smart building, contact us today!